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​​365 Aerospace ​are part of the Specialist Aviation Group of companies, which provides us with seamless access to Parts, Manufacturing & Repair facilities.

​Below you can find background information & capabilities of our partners:

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Aerospace Logistics Centre

Fifth Avenue




United Kingdom​



  • Specialist Aviation Limited, part of SA Group, provides an ​alternate source for aftermarket spares. SA Group acquires comple​​te airframe and inventories as well as aircraft consignments to provide a comprehensive inventory of engine and airframe parts. Inventory is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • SA Group currently supports Airframe / Engine / Avionic parts for the following Airframes: BAE 146 / RJ, F100, F50, HS125, HS748

  • SA Group provides innovative and flexib​le remarketing services to clients. Complete arrangements for storage, repair management, remarketing, sale arrangement, insurance and delivery can be accomplished by SA Group

  • These capabilities give our customers an exclusive advantage as well as significant cost savings

  • Our comprehensive remarketing campaigns which accommodate both buye​r and seller make perfect sense

  • ​SA Group has recently purchased two BAE 146-300 airframes and are managing the teardown of rotable parts, which will be available shortly in Serviceable and Overhauled condition


​Blackhorse Road




United Kingdom


CAS Type2.png

  • Cabinair Services has been in the cabin refurbishment business since 1999. They offer dedicated cabin interior maintenance, repair, overhaul and servicing at any location

  • They are a Part 145 Cabin MRO, SATTO® Approved Repair Centre and stockist of seats and parts – your one stop shop for cabin interiors

  • Bespoke cabin service contracts can be agreed with each airline, from simple seat repairs to full provision for seats, carpets, galleys, curtains and PSUs. Work can be undertaken on both a planned and unscheduled maintenance basis

  • Cabinair Services are experts at sourcing seats for all commercial aircraft for economy, business, first class and crew seats. They ship all seats in overhauled or serviceable condition to the LOPA / CMM with a flammability / burn certificate and EASA Form 1

  • ​They also own a large inventory of aircraft seats that are available for sale in serviceable and overhauled conditio​n


Shaftsbury Industrial Estate Icknield




​United Kingdom


  • Mix 14 Ltd are part of the Specialist Aviation Group (SA Group) along with SA Manufacturing, SA Logistics, Cabin Air, Hermitage Metals and 365 Aerospace

  • The company currently only produces one product:

    • SA20-21 SATTO – a two-part compound for repairing monolithic plastics in aircraft interiors. More details on SATTO are provided below.

  • The company also has the capability to carry out Flammability Testing (Vertical Burns Test) for the aerospace industry, which is a specialised test for aircraft materials to measure flammability properties


5th Avenue




United Kingdom



  • SATTO is a result of many years of experience working within the aircraft interiors industry. Detailed understanding of the chemicals involved and the processes of their interactions with monolithic compounds has resulted in the best aircraft plastic repair system on the market today

  • SATTO has been developed specifically to fill and bond monolithic non-structural plastic aircraft parts. It creates a strong, chemical bond absorbing into the substrate, becoming part of the substrate itself and creating a layer between the surfaces of the plastic that binds them together

  • Whatever the damage to the plastic cracks, crushes, holes or even completely sheared. As long as the damage is less than 1ft2, then it can be repaired with SATTO

  • SATTO is supplied ready mixed in the Pantone colour of your cabin interior plastics, which allows aircraft interior plastics to be repaired quickly, simply and cost-effectively

  • Repairs carried out using SATTO are fast, ultra-strong and long lasting. Repairs can be carried out on-wing or in a workshop

  • SATTO has passed smoke & toxicity testing, and lap & shear tests


Campus 5

Letchworth Garden City



United Kingdom



  • In January 2014 Hermitage Sheet Metal joined the SA Group of companies

  • 2015 saw the formal merger of the Hermitage Sheet Metal and Specialist Aviation Manufacturing, creating a new precision component engineering business, HSM Aero

  • ​​HSM Aero offers:

    • 5-Axis and 3-Axis precision component machining

    • ​Precision sheet metal work and fabrication

    • Assemblies and sub-assemblies

    • Chromate conversion and iridite NCP treatments

    • Reverse engineering

    • Coded welding​

    • Prototype and AOG work​​​​​